November 30, 2018

Conversations on Arts & Culture and Resiliency

Conversations on Arts & Culture and Resiliency

On November 28, the Incubator at Sasaki hosted “Resiliency and Arts & Culture Shaping a City’s Aspirations and Future.” Moderated by Alexandra Lee of the Sasaki Foundation, panelists Mary Anne Ocampo of the Sasaki Foundation, Amy Longsworth of the Boston Green Ribbon Commission, Lori Nelson of the City of Boston, and Lee Heald of AHA! New Bedford discussed how arts and culture can support conversation and work on resiliency.

Panelists discussed effective partnerships between businesses and cultural, municipal, and institutional partners, opportunities for arts institutions to present themselves to new markets and create new messages around the topic of resilience, cultivation of a community platform where differences may arise that in turn would begin a constructive conversation, and various ways to work together for collective impact.

The discussion came to a close on the belief that it is the responsibility of cultural institutions to bring back the authenticity of cities, and collectively can set an action plan to do so.


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