March 28, 2024

Meet EarlyEducatorSpace 2.0

Meet EarlyEducatorSpace 2.0

We recently connected with Taylor Cain and Kim Lucas from 2023 Sasaki Foundation Design Grants project EarlyEducatorSpace 2.0. The project is a unique opportunity to bring together family childcare providers, families, neighbors, and affordable housing property managers in a way that expands access to childcare, creates opportunities for economic mobility for public housing residents, and enhances affordable housing spaces.

Sasaki Foundation (SF): What was the biggest inspiration behind your project?

EarlyEducatorSpace 2.0 (EES): Back in 2017, we learned that there were only 30 licensed family child care providers (FCCs) living, working, and serving our families with young children across all 63 Boston Housing Authority (BHA) developments. In 2023, we learned that the number of licensed FCCs in BHA dropped to 28. With over 21,000 public housing residents, we wondered: why aren’t there more FCCs in BHA developments? We envision a BHA where young children and their caregivers are included in the design of its housing units and open spaces.

SF: Who makes up the team? What are their backgrounds and expertise when it comes to the project?

EES: This team is composed of an amazing team from the BHA and is supported by individuals from local universities Northeastern and Tufts. The BHA team includes architects, senior management, consultants, and, most importantly, resident members of the West Broadway Task Force. Our team is intentionally multidisciplinary and cross-sector, bringing a wealth of lived experience and technical expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, and policy.

SF: What is one of your favorite aspects about your work on this project?

EES: The idea that residents, property managers, and BHA staff can come together and redesign an entire outdoor space for the local community! 

Several individuals in a housing complex's outdoor space

Site visit with West Broadway Task Force and interested residents, February 28, 2024

Image courtesy Jennifer Lawrence

SF: What are the aspirations you have for this project and the impact your work will make on your community?

EES: We hope to create a model for engaging residents and property managers in the co-design of BHA open spaces that support young children and their caregivers in feeling safe and welcome in our developments.

SF: How can others get involved with the work you’re doing?

EES: BHA will be working with the West Broadway Taskforce, residents, and other community members over the coming months to develop conceptual plans for one of the green spaces on the site. We are currently planning to host the following activities:

  • Site walk through 
  • Focus group/interview with BHA childcare providers 
  • Design sessions with the West Broadway Taskforce, BHA residents, BHA childcare providers, and management staff 
  • And more! 

If you are interested in learning more about this effort or want to get involved, please reach out to

Thanks so much to Taylor and Kim for their time, and to the entire EarlyEducatorSpace 2.0 team for all their hard work on this impactful project. Stay tuned for future installments with more of our 2023 Design Grants teams!