March 5, 2020

Sasaki Foundation Releases 2019 Annual Report

Sasaki Foundation Releases 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, through generous donors, thoughtful partners, and engaged research teams, the Hideo Sasaki Foundation was able to deliver on our mission and celebrate impact in the communities we serve.

Leading with research and experimentation, the Sasaki Foundation saw the first research cohort accomplish their projects, publish their results, and pursue their work in their communities. We selected our second research cohort, who began their work in the Incubator while leveraging the design expertise at Sasaki.

Through the lens of community learning and engagement, the Sasaki Foundation sparked meaningful conversations on the future of transportation in the Commonwealth, the health of the Charles and Mystic Rivers, innovative solutions to the affordable housing crisis, and the expansion of creative ways to sustain our communities.

Of particular significance was the partnership between the Sasaki Foundation and American Student Assistance that allowed us to scale our youth programming and open up possibilities and career choices for middle and high school students, pushing forward professional practice and growth.

These highlights of the past year are outlined in the following report, and new initiatives are underway. Please consider getting involved with the Sasaki Foundation—as a research team, as a program partner, or as a donor—and help support this important work of providing access to design for communities that need it the most.

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