December 10, 2018

Sasaki Foundation Releases Strategic Plan

Sasaki Foundation Releases Strategic Plan

In 2018, the Sasaki Foundation began a strategic planning process to explore our path forward. With input from the Board of Trustees, the Advisory Council, the Executive Director, other Sasaki staff, and numerous civic, non-profit, and other individuals, the Foundation has been able to develop a solid understanding of the design landscape, determine key trends in the Foundation’s research areas, and identify needs for organizations working in these areas.

As part of our expanded focus, we worked to better define our research agenda and supporting activities. The Sasaki Foundation Strategic Plan is based on research and multiple conversations with internal and external stakeholders, and it outlines the strategic priorities on which our day-to-day activities will be based.

The priority areas for the Sasaki Foundation are threefold and include Community Learning and Engagement, Research and Experimentation, and Professional Practice and Growth. Over the course of the next three years, the Foundation Board and staff will work to balance activities in each of these areas to support our mission.

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